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Online Hypnosis Trainings & State of the Art Hypnosis Workshops.

Becoming a Professional Certified Hypnotist can be a life changing experience.

Whether you're a coach or healer looking to expand their healing skills and techniques or an entrepreneur looking to expand their sales skills, covert influence or simply increase sales by understanding in-depth about the power of the mind or whether you're simply curious of a career change that can be truly rewarding, both professionally and financially, then becoming a Professional Certified Hypnotist might be the perfect path for you.

In my basic and advanced Hypnosis courses, you will:

  • Experience How Hypnosis Happens

  • Learn the Secrets of the Mind (Conscious and Unconscious Mind)

  • Learn about the most powerful mind programming principles and techniques

  • Learn how your Brain and Hypnosis Work to Create Your Reality

  • Learn the Truth about Hypnosis and why it is Such an Effective Tool for Positive Transformation

  • Learn to Hypnotize Yourself and Others

  • Learn how to become Magnetic and Hypnotic 

  • Learn how to Use Overt and Covert Hypnosis

  • Learn Hypnotic Language

  • Learn To Become a Master Communicator

  • Learn Hypnotic Meditation

  • Learn how to use Direct and Indirect Suggestions

  • Learn how to use Several Models of Hypnosis

  • Learn the most Powerful Secrets of Hypnotic Influence and Persuasion

  • Learn to become a Natural Hypnotic Influencer Effortlessly

  • Learn to create instant mindset shifts in yourself and your clients

  • Learn to become a hypnotic storyteller that can use stories to generate hypnotic stories on the spot to create massive positive shifts in your clients without them even realizing what is going on

  • Learn to create true genuine and compassionate rapport with your clients so they can trust you and decide to create positive changes in their lives through your covert hypnotic influence

  • Learn to decode your clients' speech and discover what TRULY motivates them

  • Learn to change your clients' states so they can feel better and more motivated instantly

  • Learn how you can use your clients' own Subconscious Mind to extract the perfect solutions to their problems

  • Learn how to covertly guide your clients into accepting the positive resolutions to their problems that their own Subconscious Mind is giving them

  • Learn to extract the correct information from your clients to be able to really help them resolve their issues and problems

  • Learn to increase your confidence and persuasive ability

  • Learn Research-proven and real-world tested Hypnosis and NLP techniques

  • Learn the subtle art of Subconscious Direction and how you can use it to direct the thoughts, feelings and behaviors of your clients so they can change without resistance to your suggestions and most importantly without resistance to themselves

  • Learn to become innovative and create strategies that will help your clients quickly and effortlessly

  • Learn to instantly understand what someone else is thinking so you can tailor your approach to them so they can change fast

  • Learn to understand unconscious body language and how you can use it to understand what someone's gestures and actions say about what they're thinking and feeling and find out about how you can help them in the most effective and efficient way possible

  • Gain experience in Hypnosis, NLP & Metaphysics

  • Discover change techniques for office sessions and groups, in-person and online

  • Learn to use both Hypnotic language and non-verbal communication to affect a lasting effortless change in your clients

  • Learn to leverage any information into positive change instantly

  • Learn how you can increase your clients' confidence in their own powerful internal resources

  • Learn to help your clients to commit to their own solutions so they can change happily

  • Learn to use covert questions in your hypnotic coaching so that you don't deal with resistance in your clients and can find out what your client are thinking before they tell you 

  • Understand the Mind (Metaphysically, how it really works)

  • Learn what to avoid and what to do more of so you can be a TRULY successful hypnotist

  • How to make Hypnosis Audios

  • How to write professional Hypnosis Scripts

  • How to work without Hypnosis Scripts 

  • Learn How to Work in Person and Online

  • How to craft a Hypnosis Business that generates 6 to 7 figures

Classes are kept to just the perfect size to give each student the personal attention they deserve, with time for questions and answers.

There will also be plenty of time to properly learn, solidify, and rehearse techniques.

  • Basic program is 150 hours

  • Advanced program is another 150 hours

  • One-on-one Mentorship Program runs for 6 months 

  • Private one-on-one option for Basic and Advanced Programs available 

  • Over 100 extra hours of independent study is added in each Program for extra clarity and to support you in reaching a master level of Hypnosis

  • Complete Training Manuals

  • Access to pre-recorded video lessons to aid in your learning process

  • Access to my personal collection of Hypnotic scripts, metaphors, and techniques

  • One private one-on-one Hypnosis session with me upon graduation of program(s)

  • Mentoring option for Hypnosis and career support from me as you establish your practice

Classes are kept to just the perfect size to give each student the personal attention they deserve, with time for questions and answers.

There will also be plenty of time to properly learn, solidify, and rehearse techniques.

  • Everything mentioned above PLUS Personalized attention in where I can personally guide you in all of the areas you need to strengthen 

  • Professional one-on-one Mentorship 

  • 1 private Hypnosis Session per month (6 in total)

  • Weekly 1 hour Zoom meetings 

  • Guidance with clarity into success

  • Help you with your cases if you run into any issues or simply want to make sure you're working efficiently

  • I answer all your questions in-depth

  • Personalized lesson plan with esoteric Hypnosis mental training techniques not found anywhere else

  • Access to esoteric hypnotic teachings that will propel your growth and make you an irresistible magnetic Hypnotist that expresses positive change at all times

  • Access to Positive Mind Metaphysics

  • Bonus! Metaphysical Law of Attraction training (that actually works!) for optimal success!

  • And much more! 

Every student and is different but the majority of them have reported the following after working or training with me:

(and please check out the awesome video testimonials)


  • Paradigm Shifts

  • Revelation of their life purpose

  • Positive Changes

  • Positive Beliefs

  • Positive Energy

  • Abundance in all areas of life

  • A new found  and profound meaning to life 

  • Increased Creativity

  • Internal and External Manifestations of Changes 

  • Open to love again

  • Open to date without fears

  • Open to be in a new relationship

  • Increased feelings of Happiness

  • Constant Spiritual Growth

  • Increased feelings of well being

  • Huge reduction of Stress 

  • Huge mindset shifts

  • Increased Self-Love

  • The power of the LAW OF ATTRACTION working in their lives

Looking for more reasons why to learn to use Hypnosis, and become a Certified Professional Hypnotist?

below are just some of the reasons why you might just want to really, and I mean really take the leap into the Hypnotic world.

Hypnosis is:

  • Safe

  • Natural

  • Non-Invasive

  • Fast 

  • Free of side effects

As a Professional Certified Hypnotist you will be able to help people:

  • Uncover the memory of the past 

  • Overcome Negative Beliefs 

  • Overcome Procrastination

  • Overcome Negative Thoughts & Feelings 

  • Overcome Negative Spiritual Experiences

  • Overcome Fears

  • Overcome Stress

  • Overcome Negative Belief Patterns 

  • Increase Motivation

  • Improve Memory

  • End Unwanted Habits

  • End Unwanted Behaviors

  • Stop Smoking Naturally

  • End Non-organic Sleeping issues Naturally

  • Achieve Profound Changes Naturally

  • Change Behaviors Quickly & Effortlessly

  • Enhance Mental Stamina

  • Enhance Dexterity

  • and much more!

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