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Angel Miguel Blanco
Mystical Hypnotist & Spiritual Coach.

I am Angel and I am an Astrologist, Hypnotist, and Metaphysician that specializes in helping people resolve all types of issues and problems; from simple habit modifications to complex anxiety and negative thought patterns. Chances are that if theres a problem (or a combination of problems) you have not been able to resolve through other traditional means or approaches or with other professionals, I will most likely be able to help you.

I currently offer only 3 ways of working with me:

1. An In-depth Astrological Natal Chart Analysis

(90 Minutes online via Zoom, very in-depth and geared towards one specific question or topic with applicable astrological remediations guidelines and actionable metaphysical steps to achieve success and or substantially improve in the desired area of concern) 

2. In- Depth Horary Astrology 

(60 Minutes online via Zoom, very in-depth and geared towards one specific question or topic with applicable astrological remediations guidelines and actionable metaphysical steps to achieve success and or substantially improve in the desired area of concern) 

3. The Cosmic Coaching Program 

(A 9 weeks, 4 session, in-depth one-on-one personalized coaching program with 90 minute coaching sessions designed to tackle several problem areas with applicable astrological remediations guidelines and actionable metaphysical steps to achieve success and or substantially improve in those areas) * The First Step to qualify for this program is to do the In-Depth Consultation.


This unique system I have developed and named "Cosmic Coaching" incorporates a unique synthesis of Ancient & Kabbalistic Astrology, Horary Astrology, Uranian Astrology, Cosmobiology, Conversational Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Classical Hypnotic Conditioning, Metaphysical Coaching, Consciousness Transformation, and practical uses of Kabbalah, Stoicism, and Numerology to access your unconscious (subconscious) mind and then direct it to your conscious awareness, bringing forth the totality, structure, and nature of the Soul and all of its untapped dynamic resources to the forefront of your Consciousness so that the ultimate aim of aligning your ego with your Soul is met in a natural, easy and automatic way.


This is the ultimate paradigm shift. Once you make the Unconscious Conscious you will then begin to truly direct your life. This initial Unconscious level of egoic misalignment then becomes a Super-Conscious level correction of negative inclinations, fears, hopes, desires, habits, behaviors, skills and goals. The ancient Hebrew mystics known now as Kabbalists call this process of correction "Tikkun". What is even more interesting is that when we do this "Tikkun" for ourselves we can also do the "Tikkun" for the world.


The way I work is quite unique and may seem complex at first glance but it all reality it works on a very practical level to achieve substantial changes in a relatively short amount of time.


I not only work with you in a one-on-one setting but also TEACH you the why and what of what we are doing every step of the way in a practical format so that you can LEARN how you are changing so that you can UNDERSTAND the PRINCIPLES of your own unique SOUL-BASED functioning and best of all, the work is absolutely PERSONALIZED to you!


I don't like to waste time (yours or mine) and I am all about RESULTS! so, throughout the years I've honed and refined my approach to serve you not only in the most effective way but also in the most time efficient way. For this reason we will meet a total of 4 times including the initial in-depth consultation.


The first step is the in-depth consultation.


This takes about an hour to 90 minutes on average and is only $333.


The Consultation is the most important step in this process because it initiates the work. In those 60-90 minutes I go extremely in-depth with powerful questions and unconscious uncovering techniques that will aid in revealing to me the root of your problem(s) and in formulating the most effective working plan for you. At the end of the consultation I'll explain in detail the small investment of the program and how we will work together to resolve your problem(s) and take care of the scheduling and payment of the program. I don't offer payment plans because the program in VERY affordable.


After the in-depth consultation, I then go to work on constructing a PERSONALIZED, ACTIONABLE and EFFECTIVE Cosmic Coaching plan for you.


This is a process that takes an average of 30 or more working hours of my own private time in where I study in-depth your Astrological Natal Chart, as well as the upcoming astrological transits using several astrological approaches and combine that with the notes I took in the consultation and work out a unique and practical working plan made just for you that will contain the most appropriate, safe, effective metaphysical, hypnotic and cosmic remediation techniques and actionable steps for you to take and use for your ultimate betterment and growth in all four levels of existence: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical.


Approximately 7 to 10 days after the initial in-depth consultation (sometimes sooner) we will meet for your Cosmic Coaching Pre-session in where I teach you all about the mind, how it works, and how we will be working together to achieve success in your specific areas of need. You will also receive a Specialized Hypnotic Audio for you to listen to every night that will aid in the hypnotic conditioning process.

The next step is your first Cosmic Coaching Session in which I will explain your detailed working plan for you in detail and how to approach it for your ultimate success. In this first session we will begin to tackle your specific problem areas using state of the art metaphysical, hypnotic and astrological remediation techniques and approaches and set the stage for the next 3 sessions.

The last step is the 3 remaining sessions which are are done either 2 weeks or 3 month apart from each other to ensure the success of the substantial amount of hypnotic conditioning and Cosmic Coaching strategies and techniques that will be taking place during the program duration.

In this Cosmic Coaching Program we will be meeting a total of 6 times:

1. The Initial In-Depth Consultation

2. The First Pre-Coaching Session

2. The First Session

3. The Second Session

4. The Third Session

5. The Fourth Session



  • You will meet me face to face (via Zoom)

  • I will go In-Depth into your Specific Issues

  • I will search for, find & understand "The Esoteric/Mystical Map" of your Subconscious Mind/Soul in regards to the problem 

  • I will ask you Specialized Questions to get to the root cause/s of your specific problem

  • I will get the information needed to cast your natal chart

  • I will get the information needed for any possible horary chart that I might need to cast

  • I will ask you about the Changes you want to make and why

  • I will answer Any Questions you may have about Hypnosis and Subconscious Investigation

  • I will tell you all about how I can help you Specifically 

  • I will tell you all about THE COSMIC COACHING program

  • I will tell you all about the Investment of COSMIC COACHING program

  • While scheduled as an hour, this in-depth consultation can take up to 2 hours or more, so please keep that in mind when you book it.



  • Safe

  • Natural

  • Non-Invasive

  • Fast 

  • Hypnosis doesn’t have any side effects

  • Uncover the memory of the past 

  • Overcome Negative Beliefs 

  • Overcome Procrastination

  • Overcome Negative Thoughts & Feelings 

  • Overcome Negative Spiritual Experiences

  • Overcome Fears

  • Overcome Stress

  • Overcome Negative Belief Patterns 



  • Increase Motivation

  • Improve Memory

  • End Unwanted Habits

  • End Unwanted Behaviors

  • Stop Smoking Naturally

  • End Non-organic Sleeping issues Naturally

  • Achieve Profound Changes Naturally

  • Change Behaviors Quickly & Effortlessly

  • Enhance Mental Stamina

  • Enhance Dexterity

  • and much more!

Benefits of choosing 11:11 Hypnosis

  1. Experience: Master Hypnotist Angel Blanco has extensive experience & training and uses a unique conversational hypnosis and belief change formula he created called THE COSMIC COACHING program 

  2. Standard : Angel Blanco, holds to the Highest International Hypnosis Standards & works with you to help you resolve your issues & achieve success quickly!

  3. Safe : Hypnosis is a Safe and Natural 

  4. Tested : Hypnosis has been recognized as one of the most powerful therapeutic methods, & approved by several recognized institutions including the British Medical Association in 1955, the American Medical Association in 1958, and the American Psychological Association in 1960.

  5. Flexibility of sessions: Hypnosis Coaching Sessions can be done online via zoom (National or International)

  6. Satisfaction of Success : Achieve Success within 9 Sessions with this powerful & unique Hypnosis approach & by following the advice, tips & techniques provided, your quality of life will improve daily.

  7. Powerful Personalized Products Included : Each client gets a powerful personalized Hypnosis audio recordings included in their programs (to keep forever).

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